Wells Fargo, again, is the only bank I know of, that apparently monitors the entire united states bankruptcy system, and will freeze any account that it deems as part of a bankruptcy case, even if you don’t owe them any money, even if they get no notice of the bankruptcy filing. There is a system called: "The Pacer System", and you know, I’m.

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1951 (2004) (holding that the formula rate was the appropriate rate for a chapter 13 bankruptcy)). See also Wells Fargo. debtor does not have liquid assets with which to pay the claim, so the.

Although Wells Fargo appears to be the only bank freezing chapter 7 debtor’s bank accounts, other banks may follow suit. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon chapter 7 debtor’s attorneys to explain to their clients the potential risks that their accounts may be frozen for a period of time following the filing of their bankruptcy.

If you are considering bankruptcy, I would advise you to close any bank accounts you have with Wells Fargo.

But now Wells Fargo and Wachovia (Wells bought Wachovia) have a policy of freezing customers’ accounts once they file bankruptcy. Wells Fargo/Wachovia (I’ll just refer to them as "Wells") has been doing this out west for some time, but not here in South Carolina.

If one of Wells Fargo’s account holders had also filed a chapter 7, then Wells Fargo would immediately "freeze" the account so that the debtor would not have access to his or her money. Wells Fargo would then send a letter to the chapter 7 trustee seeking instructions for disbursement of the money.

Bankruptcy: Can The Bank Freeze My Accounts? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney Stockton aims to aggressively impair its bond debt if found eligible for bankruptcy court protection, a strategy other cash-strapped municipalities could follow, breaking a tradition in the $3.7.

July 7, 2010 This has been an ongoing problem with Wells Fargo. When one of their banking customers files for bankruptcy, they slap a freeze on the customer’s savings accounts – they claim because they have a duty to preserve assets of the estate.

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This means the bank has the right to reach into your checking, savings or other accounts held by the same bank, and use those funds to pay the debt owed to them. Therefore, if you bank with Wells Fargo, and also have a Wells Fargo credit card, you should take steps to make sure the funds are not frozen when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.