These two strands – stupidity and racism – are inseparable. The pairing seem to find a home at National Review with some regularity. Read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ entire piece at The Atlantic .

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American racism is starting to remind me of American alcoholism. At the founding of the republic, in the days when beer was thought of as "liquid bread" and a healthy nutritional breakfast.

In fact, they call him stupid, uneducated, a racist. But President Trump has at last broken. by catapulting him upward toward the fullness of greatness (however imaginary that greatness is). And as.

This is clearly evident in the defense tactic many people use when defending racism. As someone with a large online social justice platform, a day does not go by without someone sending me a screenshot of the "definition of racism", followed up with a paragraph about how I am the real racist for critiquing white supremacy.

. obliterate Sambo, he was white America's favorite popular image of blacks – a stupid, Inside the imaginary futuristic prada labs, a team of researchers set out to study. We abhor all forms of racism and racist imagery.

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Donald Trump’s campaign chair in a prominent Ohio county has claimed there was “no racism” during the 1960s and said. made the remarks during a taped interview with the Guardian’s Anywhere but.

author of Stupid Black Men, or Shelby Steele, author of White Guilt, or for that matter any black conservative, then, they, too, are racists. After all, that is the phony logic of Schultz’s.

Plus it makes antisemitism hilarious, both in the scene when Borat thinks the Jewish B&B owners have turned into cockroaches and, in the (imaginary) Kazakhstan-set. Violent beatings, abuse.