The Florida Supreme Court ruled that lenders can refile foreclosure cases against owners still in default, even if the cases started more than five years ago, outside Florida’s statute of limitations.

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They are just hoping you don’t bother defending yourself. Regardless, if a debt collector or a debt buyer that has taken over the debt files a lawsuit on a debt where the statute of limitations has expired, not only can you dismiss the case, but you may have rights to pursue that collector or buyer under the fair debt collection practices Act.

Statutes of limitations could be debt solutions. You might be working hard to reduce debt that you are no longer obligated to pay back. Statutes of limitations also allow debtors more resources with which to defend themselves should they be sued before the statute expires, rather than out of the.

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Statutes of limitation are laws limiting the time to file a lawsuit for a particular event or set of facts. To ensure you do not miss the statute of limitations, research the law in your state as soon as you begin considering a lawsuit. If you can afford to hire an attorney-or at least get free legal resources.

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The statute of limitations on debt can start tolling more than once if you’re not careful. For instance, if you had a $2,000 doctor bill from January 2015 and never made a payment on it, the statute of limitations would expire on January 2018.

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The Statute of Limitations on wrongful foreclosure cases varies by State and situation. Your foreclosure attorney is well suited to conduct negotiations with the bank on your behalf. They may be able to secure an agreement that is suitable for all the involved parties.

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