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Respiratory Symptoms From Toxic Black Mold Difficulty breathing – breathlessness or shortness of breath. Wheezing. Coughing. Pulmonary edema – swelling of the lungs. Pulmonary hemorrhage – bleeding in the lungs. Sore throat. Burning sensation of the mouth. Bleeding gums. Runny nose. Itchy.

Some molds such as black toxic mold (Stachybotrys) can also cause toxic symptoms. You can see a list of some toxic symptoms at Black Toxic Mold Symptoms.

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Many are unaware of the harmful health effects of chemicals found in nearly all modern. This pivotal finding soon led to the discovery of extensive black mold growth behind the walls her apartment..

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Mold spores and fragments can become airborne and get into the air we breathe.. Aspergillus; alternaria; stachybotrys chartarum (also known as black mold). A study conducted by NIEHS-funded scientists shows that mold exposure during.

Top Symptoms Associated with Mold-Associated Illness: Fatigue and weakness. Headache, light sensitivity. Poor memory, difficult word finding. Difficulty concentration. morning stiffness, joint pain. unusual skin sensations, tingling and numbness. Shortness of breath, sinus congestion or chronic cough.

Black mold is a common culprit when it comes to unexplained illnesses such as persistent headaches and migraines.What makes this mold such a devious danger is the fallout of black mold poisoning can often be attributed to common viruses and lifestyle sicknesses.

Black mold isn’t rare, but it’s also not very common. national poison control center: “mold 101: Effects on Human Health.” Rhode Island Department of Health: “Some Facts About Mold.” Connecticut.

“Many molds can cause allergens that can affect some of the population, but some molds can also cause toxins, which can affect everyone, depending on the length of exposure,” according to the non-profit Mold Help organization. Knowing the dangers of mold can help you determine if it’s a threat in your home.

Sniff for a musty odor and search for black and white spots around your house. This will help protect you from mold’s dangerous effects. If you have asthma or a compromised immune system, it is.

Mold in your Florida home can be a problem that is both costly and dangerous. This is especially true when infestations of toxic black mold.